All you need now is the perfect voice-over artist to deliver your lines. I say ALL, but finding the right voice over artist to become the voice of your brand can make or break videos. It is always interesting to find out from clients, why they chose you over other candidates. It is always satisfying to finalise a voice-over, narration or dubb for videos and films, and then wait to see the outcome.

So, most of the videos are predominately corporate-based voice-over work. It’s always nice when a client takes the time to send a copy of the video you have worked on. So these are a few of the many I have worked on over the years. To the clients who sent them to me – Thank you.

VIDEOS image from voical booth.


Video content is a highly effective and engaging medium for companies to connect with their audience. Unlike visual advertisements and podcasts, videos captivate viewers with dynamic elements, movement, and sound, grabbing their attention. A video can simplify interpretation and assist in achieving the best responses by presenting information rapidly and clearly. Ultimately leads to increased brand recognition.

If you want to discuss your image film, narration, pleasce CONTACT ME.