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Mission Backup Earth is an award-winning science fiction web series created by Alexander Pfander. The series portrays a scenario in which the Sun quickly transitions into a red giant, prompting humanity to desperately attempt to flee the solar system. The survivors become space nomads searching for a new home for humankind.

The series has been a labour of love, with its first episode airing in 2014. It has gained such a following that it now has a WIKI PAGE.

Mission Backup Earth
Play Video about Contamin Series Teaser Trailer

C O N T A M I ​​N – THE SERIES deals with the horror scenarios that will come to humanity, in the near future. Our series is not intended to scare viewers. Its aim is to send a message forcing governments of all nations to take sensible measures to protect their citizens. It carries a warning sign saying: Do not hand over power to a handful of power-obsessed big earners and pharmaceutical companies.

Thanks to Harald Franklin, I am cast as Rene Clement, a power-obsessed maniac!

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