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Actor, Writer, Film Festival Director… There isn’t enough time for tea and scones. So, if you’ve landed here, you are either looking for an actor or killing a few Google moments looking at my Home Page. Whatever reason, please look around the site, you can find out all ABOUT ME. Check how much weight I have put on my CV & PROFILE page. Look at the sexy selections of pictures in the GALLERY… And… Well, you get the idea.

2022 is moving at a Hell of a Pace. Firstly, In 2021 I was invited by Harald Franklin (Heroes & Cowards) to play in his new international format series CONTAMIN, which is continuing to shoot throughout 2022 in Switzerland, Germany and Romania.

Secondly, It is a pleasure to be cast in the role of Malik for Kakoa Games ELYON. This is a new game set in a world of magical technology and unlimited potential. (See VOICE-OVERS for more information.)

My feature film Fotoautomat Man was released in April 2020. Subsequently, we are now happy to say it is now available on Amazon Prime.

Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest (the first genre-specific sci-fi film festival in Germany), concluded its fifth season in November 2021. This is to say that the two-day live event at the Babylon Kino was a great showing and there was a lot of support for the genre. In addition, we continue with our Virtual Theatre environment on XERB.TV.

In clonclusion, if you have any enquiries about the HomePage or the content, please CONTACT ME.

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