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Actor, Writer, Film Festival Director… There isn’t enough time for tea and scones. So, if you’ve landed here, you are either looking for an actor or killing a few Google moments looking at my Home Page. Whatever reason, please look around the site, you can find out all ABOUT ME. Check how much weight I have put on my CV & PROFILE page. Look at the sexy selections of pictures in the GALLERY… And… Well, you get the idea.

2022 is moving at a Hell of a Pace. Firstly, In 2021 I was invited by Harald Franklin (Heroes & Cowards) to play in his new international format series CONTAMIN, which is continuing to shoot throughout 2022 in Switzerland, Germany and Romania.

Secondly, It is a pleasure to be cast in the role of Malik for Kakoa Games ELYON. This is a new game set in a world of magical technology and unlimited potential. (See VOICE-OVERS for more information.)

My feature film Fotoautomat Man was released in April 2020. Subsequently, we are happy to say it is available on Amazon Prime.

Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest (the first genre-specific sci-fi film festival in Germany) concluded its fifth season in November 2021. This is to say that the two-day live event at the Babylon Kino was a great success with lots of support. In addition, our Virtual Theatre environment on XERB.TV was also a global success

To conclude, if you have any enquiries about the content, please CONTACT ME.

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