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If you’ve landed here, you are either looking for an actor or killing a few Google moments whilst looking at this Home Page. Whatever the reason, please have a good sniff around and if nothing else, I hope you find the content interesting. You can find out my history in the business on About Me. Check how much weight I have put on my CV & Profile page. Look at the sexy selections of pictures in the Gallery and… Well, you get the idea.

Since COVID many productions have suffered. One that affected me was the halting of shoting in the internationally format series CONTAMIN by Harald Franklin (Heroes & Cowards) as production was about to resume the Ukrain War stopped production once again. The good news production has restarted in 2024 and should be released in 2025.

AI has also dented the VO industry, but I am please to have been cast as Malik for Kakoa Games ELYON. This is a new game set in a world of magical technology. (See Voice-Overs)

HOUSE OF ROOMS directed by Alex Pfander, was released in December 2023 and is now available on Amazon Prime. My role as Joe King (sic) was a fun character. Shot in 15 days, this was full on .

My feature film Fotoautomat Man was released in April 2020, and is doing is also available on Amazon Prime.My role in this was relatively small, but was the co-writer and producer.

To conclude, if you have any questions about the Home Page or the rest of the content Contact Me.