INFORMATION: Mother Tongue: English Age Range: 40’s – 50’s Types: Character, Serious, Light Baritone Work Types: Commercial, Corporate, Web, TV, Radio, Narration, Presentation.

CORPORATE PRESENTATION – MODERATION – LIVE: TIGI/Cirque Du Tigi 10/11 – TIGI/Clockwork Orange 07/08 – TIGI/SIN CITY 05/06 (ESA Live productions), Beckmann Coulter – IFFA, Dewberry Boyes/Holidaylimpia 03 & 04 (Main Event), Nokia Launch – Monaco (Main Event), Up 2 You/One2One Road Show (GM Productions), Man Roland – IPEX (Success), Top Rank/Mecca (CFP/BCP Productions), Vauxhall Motor Show (Spectrum Communications), Austin Metro/Principles (Sound Partnership).

CORPORATE – COMMERCIAL – VIDEO: Hallmark Channel Ident Crime Night (Skin Dir. Matt White), Castle Cement (Dir. Marn Davies), BBC 3 Three Ident (BBC3), Battle of the Bugs – Warners Group (BCP Brian Cooke), Managing Claims LMG (BVC Geoff Todd), Symantec Software CFP, Honda Civic Training Film BFA.

STUDIO EQUIPMENT: Apple Mac Intel System with Final Cut Pro and Soundtrack Pro, Reaper and Cubebase LE, Zoom H4N Black Magic Decklink HD Microphones: AT4050, AT2020, Blue Yeti THX USB, Beyer Dynamic MCE 86N(C)S, Rode NTG-2 Beyer Dynamic DT-250s, Pop Shield and Soundproofed Booth.

Home Studio Rates

Guideline Pricing in Dollars

After spending some time review home studio work on the internet and seeing the general given rates, I have put together this card as a guideline. Prices are negotiable dependent on the type of work, company and budget in hand. If you would like more information please use the contact above.

Length of the Voice Over: There are two ways to do this:

1 – Time basis: Based on the actual time the recording will be
(Ie: 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 20 minutes, 1 hour et al)

2 – Word basis (paging): Based on the number of words or pages the script has.
One page contains 250 words on average (Arial 12 pt double spacing).

Total Word Count: is associated to the rate I would normally read which varies on each project.
Steady 100 words per minute –  faster 150 words per minute.
500 – 750 per 5 minutes = Total Minutes of finished audio, or edited, mastered and delivered to client.

N.B. Please not that if you intend to use 4 syllable words, you should count these as two words.

Standard (non-broadcast) Narration:

1 min – 100 * 2 min – 175 * 3 min – 250 * 4 min – 300

5 Minutes finished audio = $325.00

After the first 5 minutes:
$50.00 per min. Up to 30 min.
$30.00 per min. Up to 60 min.
$25.00 per min. 60 and over.

5 minutes minimum includes:

A – The buy-out (ownership) of the audio.
B – Studio time to record and edit the audio, using professional gear and software. My studio time is $150.00 an hour, minimum 1 hour.
C – Studio costs to deliver the audio in chosen format and via FTP or Internet/Bandwidth.
D – Minor revisions up to 1 minute or 150 words, within 30 days of delivery.