Mother Tongue: English Age Range: 40’s – 50’s Types: Character, Serious, Light Baritone Work Types: Commercial, Corporate, Web, TV, Radio, Narration, Presentation.


TIGI/Cirque Du Tigi 10/11 – TIGI/Clockwork Orange 07/08 – TIGI/SIN CITY 05/06 (ESA Live productions), Beckmann Coulter – IFFA, Dewberry Boyes/Holidaylimpia 03 & 04 (Main Event), Nokia Launch – Monaco (Main Event), Up 2 You/One2One Road Show (GM Productions), Man Roland – IPEX (Success), Top Rank/Mecca (CFP/BCP Productions), Vauxhall Motor Show (Spectrum Communications), Austin Metro/Principles (Sound Partnership).


Hallmark Channel Ident Crime Night (Skin Dir. Matt White), Castle Cement (Dir. Marn Davies), BBC 3 Three Ident (BBC3), Battle of the Bugs – Warners Group (BCP Brian Cooke), Managing Claims LMG (BVC Geoff Todd), Symantec Software CFP, Honda Civic Training Film BFA.


Apple Mac Intel System with Final Cut Pro and Soundtrack Pro, Reaper and Cubebase LE, Zoom H4N Black Magic Decklink HD Microphones: AT4050, AT2020, Blue Yeti THX USB, Beyer Dynamic MCE 86N(C)S, Rode NTG-2 Beyer Dynamic DT-250s, Pop Shield and Soundproofed Booth.

Anthony Straeger Voice Over CV & Studio

Home Studio Rates

Guideline Pricing in Dollars

After reviewing my home studio and how it works best regarding internet rates, I have put together this card as a guideline. Prices are negotiable dependent on the type of work, company and budget in hand. If you would like more information, please use the CONTACT ME.

Length of the Voice Over: There are two ways to do this:

1 – Time basis: Based on the actual time the recording will be. (Ie: 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 20 minutes, 1 hour etc.)

2 – Word basis (paging): Based on the number of words or pages the script has. One page contains 250 words on average (Arial 12 pt double spacing).

Total Word Count: Is associated with the rate related to the speed I would normally read. This varies from project to project.
Steady 100 words per minute – faster 150 words per minute.
500 – 750 per 5 minutes = Total Minutes of finished audio, or edited, mastered and delivered to your client.

N.B. If you intend to use four-syllable words, you should count these as two words.

Standard (non-broadcast) Narration

1 min – 100 * 2 min – 175 * 3 min – 250 * 4 min – 300

5 Minutes finished audio = $325.00

After the first 5 minutes:
$50.00 per min. Up to 30 min.
$30.00 per min. Up to 60 min.
$25.00 per min. 60 and over.

5 minutes minimum includes

A – The buy-out (ownership) of the audio.
B – Studio time to record and edit the audio, using professional gear and software. My studio time is $150.00 an hour, minimum of 1 hour.
C – Studio costs to deliver the audio in chosen format and via FTP or Internet/Bandwidth.
D – Minor revisions up to 1 minute or 150 words, within 30 days of delivery.

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