Below is a selection of showreel material for Film/TV, Commercials and Theatre. Click on the image or link to go to YouTube. There are a few extra videos and a series of monologues. I hope you enjoy them, and please feel free to let me know your thoughts –  CONTACT ME.





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ART by Yasmina Reza

This play is a French language that premiered on 28 October 1994. It is a comedy that raises questions about art and friendship, and concerns three long-time friends, Serge, Marc, and Yvan. Here we have the first Salvo from Marc regarding Serge’s purchase.

Coriolanus by William Shakespeare

Coriolanus is a tragedy by William Shakespeare, written between 1605 and 1608. The play was based on the life of the Roman leader Caius Marcius Coriolanus.  This is my take on the speech before Coriolanus’s death.

COP by James B. Harris

COP is a 1988 film starring James Woods and Lesley Ann Warren and based on the book Blood on the Moon by James Ellroy. The screenplay was written by James B. Harris. This is one of my favourite monologues of all time.


It can be a great deal of fun featuring in Music Videos.  Here is a selection of some of my favourite jobs.

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HERZBLUT – Deine Schuld

Produced by Toby Wulff Filmproduktion in Berlin. The reason it was a lot of fun is that I couldn’t learn the text to lipsynch so I said, let me do my thing. You can see what happens when you occasionally let the old dog off the leash.

Candice Gordon – Barrel of a Gun Music

Working with this very talented singer-songwriter Candice Gordon in a one set scenery, proved to be a lot of fun. It was nice to choreograph a sort of micro-dance routine.

FRASH – Here I Go Again

Here is a blast from the past! What’s Up Doc was the last appearance of Frash. It features the fantastic vocals of Johnny Spurling. Here I Go Again even gets a mention on the songs Wikipedia Page.

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HERZBLUT – Wir Rasten Aus

Wir Rasten Aus was another music video from Herzblut. They had so much fun working with me the first time, they could not resist! Working with a band of guys who play the kind of music I love is always a bonus.

ARYA LEE – Golden Sword

I played the role of a Mental Asylum Chief. Working with Arya Lee, who is an incredible writer and performer was great fun. Especially as I got the opportunity to lip-synch to a Rap Song! – Go figure!


eCasting – love it or hate it you have to do it!

The world is changing, and technology is becoming increasingly important for castings. It’s now more essential to do a good eCasting rather than attend a physical casting. Smartphones have played a significant role in this shift. Personally, I don’t use a smartphone, but I have the necessary equipment such as lights, a camera, sound and an editing kit.

I appreciate the convenience of being able to do castings at home, as it saves time compared to travelling and waiting at a physical location. However, this trend has also led to a rise in unreasonable requests from directors and casting companies.

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