You have created your translation, transcription or script to produce in English. But under most circumstances, you will find that your translation will have fundamental mistakes. It’s difficult to remember all the grammatical rules, even for the most capable. But once you add the element of ‘Spoken English’ you will often find the flow will be impaired… And, that‘s where I can help.

Copy Editing:

Checking for consistency in tone, focus, and style and correcting sentence structure problems, thought order, word usage, and major grammar errors.


Fine-tuning, double-checking grammar, spelling, punctuation, style and proper noun consistency, and catching any errors otherwise missed along the way. Let me edit, revise, and proofread your English document until it is correct. From web or commercial script to a sales letter, biography and report? With reasonable rates and very fast turnaround times (usually 48 hours), my service could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

So CONTACT me for more information and let me know your requirements. Payments is accepted via PayPal, so your project can be finished inside 24 hours.