About Me

The Early Years

I am an Englishman hailing from (what is often referred to as Gods County) Yorkshire. I was born in the industrial town of Bradford, and my first thought as a young man was – ‘How the Hell do I get out of here?’ As a result, I completed my A levels and went off to study English and Drama at York University, where I gained my BA. From there, I had a choice… A six-month theatre tour or join a rock band touring around Europe! No contest, after all, who can resist ‘Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll’ – The picture shows EXCEL playing somewhere in Germany in 1980! The tours were long… The fun waned… And success was limited! As a result, the band broke up, and I moved to London.

Anthony Straeger About Armed Forces Live

The London Years

Anthony Straeger About Judge Jugular TV series

Endless auditions for casting directors, agents and theatre companies slowly began to pay off, and work started coming theatre included; Rocky Horror Show (Brad) in Germany, Sting in the Tale (George) UK Tour, Oliver (Sykes) at the Plymouth Theatre Royal. But my first major TV breakthrough was as Judge Jugular in For Amusement Only, a thirteen-week BBC kids TV series. ( I even found this old image from the BBC promotional archive – You have to love a man in a uniform!)

Time passed and having had some good, bad and downright ugly years reached a point where I had to change my life. So, I moved to Berlin – Why? Katrin (my wife) said so! As a veteran with over 40 years of experience in Film, TV, Theatre and Commercials. I’m also a seasoned Voice Over Artist with my home recording studio. As we all know, it is a multimedia/trans-media industry these days and has (like so many) diversified and built up a reputation for scriptwriting and editing.

The Present

Recent work includes: The series Mission Backup Earth has proved to be a successful venture. It has won a total of 12 awards at festivals around the world. ‘Land of Mine’ (Denmark) directed by Martin Zandvliet has been acclaimed around the world, winning several major awards. 2019 saw the release of Zyntrax: Symphony of Flesh a sci-fi horror. Beyond Fury featuring the late Italian horror star Giovanni Lombardo Radice was released in 2020 to critical acclaim.

Harald Franklin (Heroes & Cowards) has recommenced production on his new TV series CONTAMIN. Shooting will continue in 2024, release set for 2025.

Additionally, AVALON PRODUCTIONS has wrapped shooting on the mini-series LAND OF SMILES set for release end of 2024, early 2025

I’m always interested in new works. Feel free to drop me a line for further information or just let me know what you think of the site.

You can contact me on through the site or direct email: anthony@straeger.co.uk

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